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The past and its symbols are too often forgotten, insulted or damaged mindlessly without proper historical or cultural awareness. But some old artefacts trudging through the years picking up layers of detritus are still relevant. More so now than ever. As if they were witnesses of our world going by while floating in an abyss of darkness beyond time and space. Like silent phantoms bearing a stronger universal message than any contemporary nonsense talking.

Even when they reflect some of the weaknesses of the societies in which they materially originated. Societies made of people. Communities of flawed human beings. Just like all of us.


And what if those artefacts could talk? Could we hear their voice? Could we feel their strength even when their words apparently collide? Could we truly see them? Would we even care? What then?

This work is an interpretation of a bleak and at the same time hopeful journey through history in search of possible answers.

Notes on the subject

Marble busts of famous Italians made between 1849 and 1970, displayed on the Pincio Hill inside the Villa Borghese public park in Rome, Italy.

Created to celebrate Italian history, culture and society. Intended to pay homage to humanity, the arts and science the world alike.


229 sculptures: 226 men, 3 women.


Now abandoned and frequently vandalised.


Here presented with extracts from their works, original quotations or someone else’s comments chosen by the photographer and not engraved.

All translated from Italian to English.


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