I was born in La Spezia, a coastal town in the north-west of Italy surrounded by mountains and faced by a deep blue sea.
I grew up constantly torn between the fascination for the silent and static beauty of forests, rocks and cliffs and, on the other side, the desire to jump on a boat to go wherever the wind would take me. I guess that made me what I then became: a traveller.
First in my mind by playing music and drama and studying ancient philosophy. And then on the road by living in various European and Asian countries working in fields related to art, entertainment and teaching while also volunteering for different non-profit organisations. 
That same open-minded attitude and desire to connect with the others brought me to photography. Taking pictures since six years ago around the world while being close to people in their many different everyday lives. Always with a camera around my neck to be my guide.
Partly self-taught, I have also attended a Magnum's workshop in 2016 and took part in a one year documentary photography masterclass in Rome in 2019/'20. Currently working on different long-term projects both in Italy and South America.