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Old glories as ghostly and fallen shadows but, at the same time, livelier and louder than any living intellectual or politician. The past, forgotten and insulted, is still stronger and more relevant than contemporary nonsense talking.
And what if that same past could look at our world? What if those national symbols could observe their country and suffer for the betrayal of their dreams, sacrifices and values? Or, even worse, for the persisting twisted morality they were already experiencing back then? Would they still believe in their principles?

And what about us? Could we see those phantoms? Could we hear them?

This work is the visual interpretation of a painful and necessary journey into history.

Where: Pincian Hill inside the public area of the Villa Borghese park in Rome, Italy

When: June ‘23 - December ‘23

What: Marble busts of notable Italian figures made between 1849 and 1970.

Now in complete decay and repeatedly vandalized.

229 were made (only 3 of women) to celebrate Italian history, culture and society.

Here presented with extracts from their works, original quotes or someone else’s comments.


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